The Math Team: Year in Retrospect

On Tuesday, April 8th, the ten “mathletes” of the Waynflete Math Team made an early morning trek to Bangor to check out the new Cross Insurance Center as well as to participate in the 2014 State Math Meet .  Despite rolling out of the Thomas House parking lot at 6:30 am, and the fact that coach Tom Campbell had brought only “healthy” snacks for the trip, the team jumped right into their problem solving upon arrival.  During the first six “Individual” rounds of twelve minutes each, students solved three problems of increasing difficulty in each round.   The next two rounds were relay rounds, in which students sit in two rows of five chairs, solving an individual problem and then passing a resulting number to the person behind them, who must use it in their own calculations.  A bonus is awarded if all five students pass the correct number.

The meet ended with two “team” rounds where the students solve nine problems, cooperatively and sometimes collaboratively.  In true Waynflete tradition, this year’s team excelled in the team rounds, closing in third place in Class C, 10th overall in the state (out of 91 teams), and falling only one problem solution short of second in C and ninth overall.  Team members Stephen Epstein (’15), Austin Fanburg (’15), Lydia Fox (’14), Jacob Hagler (’15), Michael Michaelson (’16), Dana Peirce (’16), and Jackie Xiao (’14) all contributed important points to the team score.  Ben Mallon (’16) placed 24th among all 10th graders at the meet, Ali Ghorashi (’15) placed 14th among 11th graders, and Sally Li (’14) was the silver medalist among all Seniors, also earning a spot on the Maine “A” All-Star team that will participate in the national ARML (American Regions  Mathematics League) meet at Penn State in late May.

The State Meet culminated a very successful season.  This year the Math team participated in five monthly regional meets as part of the Pi-Cone South Math League.  The league included 50 teams, representing 27 schools of all sizes.  Practicing once a week during Upper School Activities period, the students earned a solid 6th place standing in Pi-Cone South, trailing only much larger schools and closing the gap on them in this, our second year as a team.

We also enjoy a pizza and solutions party the night before each meet.  If you haven’t tried “Oreo Pizza” before, you should stop some Tuesday evening by and learn about it.  We’ll show you some cool math solutions too.  We had a great season and look forward to even more fun and success with problem solving next year!

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