Side by Side

At Waynflete, the workload is rigorous without being rigid. We stay flexible so our students can delve deeply into subjects, and our teachers spend the one-on-one time to do just that. The results show. Waynflete consistently places students in top-tier schools and our alumni are among the best and brightest in their respective fields.

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Learn to Learn

Combining high expectations with playful exploration, where commitment to community and respect for individuality go hand in hand, Waynflete encourages students to develop a love for learning that can last a lifetime.

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Question the Question

Here, the questions are at least as important as the answers. Fostering a healthy curiosity, which is so important to critical thinking, is at the very heart of our mission. This is the reason we are so famously opposed to standardized tests—we feel they favor memorization over questioning, reasoning and true learning.

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New Lower School

With double the square footage of the previous facility, Waynflete's new Lower School includes a library, an amphitheater, and new spaces for innovation. Classrooms have been designed to emphasize modularity and flexibility, offering new opportunities for cross-grade collaboration.

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