Spirit Week Countdown

A Spirit Week Log Through the Eyes of a Ninth Grader

Two Weeks Before:

I don’t really know what spirit week is going to be all about, but I heard it’s going to be really fun! They are going to announce the days for Spirit Week at assembly next week. Although, they did announce the countries that each grade will be representing! Seniors are USA, juniors are Antarctica (no, wait a minute that’s not a country). Sophomores are Jamaica and us freshmen don’t know what we are going to be because of issues with our choices.

A Week and a Half Before:

An email just went out that the freshmen are Narnia…How is that going to work?

One Week Before:

We were just told what the days for spirit week are! The Friday before Spirit Week is Breast Cancer Awareness day (wear pink)! Monday is Waynflete Spirit day, Tuesday is Nerd day, Wednesday is Twin day, Thursday is Throwback Thursday (#TBT), and Friday is country day. For country day, we are supposed to dress up as the country our grade is representing. How am I supposed to dress up as Narnia?

Friday before Spirit Week:

Breast Cancer Awareness Day was great! It’s really awesome to see everyone in pink!

Sunday night (pre-spirit week):

I just received an email (make that several emails) about the country that we are going to be. We are officially Canada because some things got changed. I like having Canada rather than Narnia!

Monday (Waynflete day):

I wore my Waynflete Swimming Team sweatshirt as I went off to school. Everyone in school has school pride. Tons of green and white which happens to fit perfectly with it being St. Patrick’s Day today! Overwhelming green and “Waynflete” was written everywhere and on everyone! During activities block there was a rousing game of musical chairs. It was super intense between the final few people. I think Harry won. Tomorrow is Nerd Day, but I’m not sure exactly how to dress like a nerd…

Tuesday (Nerd day):

Nerd day went well! Lots of people walked around with suspenders and geeky glasses. Trivia happened during assembly and the juniors happened to win. Categories for trivia were: the Olympics, Waynflete teacher trivia, and pop culture. Each grade had 4 people and a celebrity teacher. The freshmen picked Lorry Stillman as their teacher representative. Seniors are in the lead for points in spirit week. The freshmen aren’t doing too well.


Musical Chairs/Dodgeball Video

Wednesday (Twin Day):

Twin day is looking really good! Lots of people went all out, especially the real sets of twins! It’s fun to see who decided to twin with whom! Limbo was the activity that took place during break. Boni Kabongo ’14 was the winner for the third year in a row. He wasn’t a fourth year champion because sickness got to him his freshman year. Everyone was gathered in the atrium and it was lots of fun to see the whole school bonding through limbo.

 Thursday (Throwback):

Throwback Thursday was really fun! People took it different ways as to what they were supposed to “throwback” to. Some people dressed in 70’s or 80’s, but lots of people wore onesies to “throwback” to when they were a baby. Dodgeball was the activity during assembly today. Intense games were led by each class. Freshmen had no chance of winning, but some people cheered us on anyway. Freshman came in last, juniors came third, seniors came in second, and the sophomores won surprisingly. Right now the points stack up to have the seniors in the lead of course.

Friday (Country Day):

Country Day was really fun and most everyone had spirit! The seniors went all out with red, white, blue and stars. The whole school had a dance competition by grade. The freshmen went first and did the Harlem shake because we had a bit of a planning snafu. The sophomores pulled off a pretty impressive dance that some thought would win. The juniors also did a dance that competed well with the seniors. The senior class dance was intense with a medley of the Star-Spangled Banner, a couple of Grease songs including “Greased Lightning” and “The Hand Jive.” They also added a High School Musical song and “Party in the USA” by Miley Cyrus. The seniors dance was obviously the best, but somehow the sophomores tied with the seniors. There was a lot of dispute as to who the real winners should have been, but they were both so creative and great to watch! I know that somehow they will rig the score to make the seniors win overall because the seniors have to win every year!


Dance Video

Post Spirit Week:

I’m already looking forward to Spirit Week next year! Hopefully it will be just as fun. The freshmen class had better get ready for the dance competition to make a good comeback!


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