Waynflete Takes on Titan Challenge

Waynflete Takes on Titan Challenge – http://jamaine.org/programs/titan-challenge/    

by Zak Starr

On Wednesday, February 12, eight students along with math teachers Steve Kautz and Zak Starr went to the University of Southern Maine to compete in the 8th Annual Titan Challenge.  The event, sponsored by Junior Achievement and including volunteers from many local and national businesses, took place at seven different universities across the state of Maine.  The competition is a simulation in which groups try to create the ultimate business model for their product weighing factors such as marketing, research and development, and charitable giving.  The eight students from Waynflete were split into three different groups that eventually placed 25th, 35th, and 59th out of 130 teams in the state.  This is the second year that Waynflete students attended and we are looking forward to coming back next year.  It was a challenging experience and the students represented their school very well!

The eight participants – split up by group:

Sahal Hourdeh, Rowan May, Mason Saltz

Salli Li and Emily Wasserman

and Abdi Dahir, Cody Tiparos, and Jackie Xiao

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