US (needs you) NOW

I think that we can all relate to that feeling of annoyance when a parent or family member asks how your day was – and they genuinely want to know. You get home, hoping to relax or get a start on that looming project that you should have started last week but didn’t. Very quickly you gather that that will not happen. They are persistent, and the truth of the matter is, sometimes you a) actually cannot remember what you did that day or b) cannot explain it in a linear, sane way that would satisfy their desire.


Well, in case you missed the announcement, there is a new webpage called “USNOW” at Waynflete that catalogues highlighted events and accomplishments of the Upper School. Although it has just begun, they are looking for pictures, news, articles, writings – anything that sheds some light on the occurrences of the high school. It is the perfect site to point your parents toward after a long day or week, especially if they have seen that you have contributed something!

As you continue participating in many activities, programs and classes, keep this site in mind not only to add to but to use as a means of advertisement for various events and causes. Get the word out about your bake sale that will raise money for elephants! As technology becomes more prominent, this site has the potential to serve as an active, informative page for your school that parents and faculty look to often. So, be a part, and contribute to its formation!

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