RAaW Retreat

Friday discussions in the RAaW (Racial Awareness at Waynflete) activity group are built on establishing a deep level of trust, so each year for the past several years, we have been given the opportunity to take an afternoon to do some group building to foster that atmosphere of shared understanding. This year’s retreat on October 30 helped our group set the tone for our weekly meetings. First and foremost, what we do on our retreat is  eat. Together the RAaW group makes a lunch for each other. This year after lunch we selected random objects off a blanket and told stories of ourselves using those prompts. We also explored the layers of our identity and discussed what would happen if we were forced to choose among them.

For the past three years we have met at the home of Julie Boesky and Jonathan Shapiro. Their son Ben was a four year member of RAaW and despite the fact he graduated last year they once again graciously opened their home to us. We ar

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