Students Really Invest in this Class

It’s that time of year again and I don’t just mean pumpkins, turkeys, apples, or the opening time of the Maine Mall on November 28th.  I am talking about the intense Upper School fall ritual known as the Stock Market Game.  Every fall, juniors and seniors taking the Business and Finance elective participate in a stock market simulation.  There are endless online trading programs, but this one is especially geared towards schools.  We use SIFMA’s (Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association) Stock Market Game.
There are 47 members of the Waynflete community currently participating; 36 students from either the Business and Finance class or the Finance Club, and 11 faculty/ staff.  The students are organized into teams and most are also managing individual accounts.
Each account provides $200,000 of buying power ($100,000 cash plus $100,000 as a loan).  Teams are ranked based on how their equity compares to that of the S&P 500.  Students are learning about corporations, stock markets, supply and demand, risk, and how math is really used in the real world.
Overheard in some recent classes…
“Wow, Tesla is tanking.  Classic example of a bubble stock or what?”
“Dude, we are looking at a 4.2% gain on that stock.  We could sell, but after the 1% commission what have we really made?”
“With the new gaming devices coming out, let’s take a look at Sony or something related.”
“Google blasted right through $1000.  So much for expected price resistance at that level.”
“I must defeat Simon.  He is too nonchalant about his success.”
“Whoa, Kautz is awful at this game.”
See above photo for a look at the latest team (as of Nov 13) rankings showing Team Madoff & Kostya leading the way.  The game ends December 15.
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