Global Perspectives Activity Presents to the Upper School

Global Perspectives is an activity in the Upper School that started five years ago. Modeled from a national community service organization The Empty Bowl Project, students joined the mission for this activity which is centered around the core values of our school: global understanding and community service. The students sponsor a dinner each spring with food donations from Waynflete parents who own restaurants in the area. The modest meal is served in hand crafted bowls made by the students. This dinner raises funds to support two children in schools, The Tanzanian Children’s Fund and Friends of Kakamega.

Broadening our commitment to service that focuses on empathy and understanding, students have joined Gabriella Nuki in her self-started organization Tools for Schools. While working in a school in Bhutan this past summer, Gabi recognized the need for school supplies for children in this impoverished country. Global Perspectives researched and read about Bhutan, and then students designed a slide show and filmed interview of Gabi for an Upper School assembly. They asked students to donate working pens, pencils, markers, notebooks, paper, and crayons.

Global Perspectives invites the school community to join our efforts by providing Tools for Schools for the children of Bhutan. Working pens, pencils, markers, notebooks, paper, crayons are all a welcome donation.  Donations boxes are in the library and Student Center. If you have any questions, please contact Lorry Stillman .

Please visit these links to view the assembly presentation slide show and an interview of Gabriella Nuki.

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