Maritime study in 2-3

Every other year, second and third grade students begin the school year by engaging in a maritime study. Waynflete’s location in the heart of Portland—particularly near the harbor—provides a real-world classroom at our doorstep for studying the ocean and working waterfront.

Taking advantage of the warm early fall weather, we begin outdoors by exploring tide pools and gathering tide pool creatures for our classroom saltwater tank. Students learn observational and research skills while studying various seaweeds and creatures of our Maine shores, while also learning the geography of the world’s oceans and the science of tides.

Our maritime study continues into the realm of the working waterfront and commercial lobstering/fishing with field trips to local community businesses, including Lucky Catch Cruises and Harbor Fish Market. Having learned the basics of nautical communication, students hang messages with signal flags. Through literature, slide presentations, and a culminating field trip to the Maine Maritime Museum, we come to appreciate the history of shipbuilding, sailing, and the whaling industry.

Photo: 2-3 students standing in front of the model/sculpture of The Wyoming at the Maine Maritime Museum.

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