2020 Festival of Student-Written Plays

Student in Waynflete’s Performing Arts program recently performed three student-written plays to a small live audience and via live stream. Read descriptions of the plays below, then click the links to watch!

Old Home Days by Blythe Thompson ’22

Video link (this play begins at 0:00:06)

Daisy, Samuel, and Francine were childhood friends growing up in a small town in Maine when everything changed. The play is based on the true story of the flooding of the town of Flagstaff, Maine, all in the name of progress and cheap electricity. This piece tells a personal story of how the townspeople are forced to make decisions that affect their community and personal lives forever. What would you do? Go back in time with this ambitious piece of historical fiction that confronts issues still relevant today.

VOID FM by Claire Robinson ’21

Video link (this play begins at 1:10:09)

Join the crew of USS Improbability as they journey into deep space, collecting important scientific data. There’s just one problem: this voyage is endless! Researcher Camille Hayden begins her radio show, Void FM, as a way to combat boredom and build community. Instead, she alienates everyone on board the ship! Enjoy this hilarious play that also reflects deeply and eloquently on loneliness, the wonder of the universe, and our need for each other.

Salt Shakers by Mia Mizner ’21

Video link (this play begins at 1:52:34)

A classic family diner is making ends meet during the great recession by selling contraband Ben and Jerry’s ice cream! That is until crafty Detective Nars walks in the door. Come meet this larger-than-life cast of characters as they navigate an elaborate cover-up scheme to save the family business. Don’t miss this hilarious sitcom-style play.

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