End of Year Information for Parents

May 28, 2014

Dear Upper School Parents,

I am writing with logistical information about the end of the year in the Upper School.  The last day of regular classes is Friday, May 30.  Following is a description of what is next.

Final exams (Monday, June 2 through Friday, June 6): Students are required to be in school during their exam periods only.  They may be on campus when they do not have exams, but they are not required to be.  Please make plans with your child regarding your expectations for where s/he should be when not taking an exam.  If your child will be absent from an exam, please call the School.  The exam schedule is posted on USNOW and in the Weekly.  For make-up exams or exam conflicts, students should contact Peter Hamblin (ext 1230).

Senior Project Presentations (Friday, June 6): Presentations are in the Emery Building and the Arts Center.  Juniors interested in doing a senior project next year are required to attend presentations all day.  Attendance is taken.  Students in 9th or 10th are welcome but not required to attend.  Parents and friends are invited as well.  A presentation schedule will be available at school and on the website.  Students should come to school on Friday only to take an exam, attend presentations, or conduct other school business, but not to hang out.

The Prom (Saturday, June 7, 8:00 – 11:30pm): The Prom will be held at SMCC, 2 Fort Road, South Portland in the main dining hall. All students are invited.  Tickets are $15/advance and $20/door.  Students attend in pairs, groups, or individually.  Attire is semi-formal.  The following expectations apply:

  • Students may attend with a guest by completing a guest form.  The forms are available from Cathie Connors and should be returned to Cathie by noon on Thursday, June 5.  Hosts must explain dance expectations to their guests, sign them in at the door, and introduce them to chaperons.
  • Students may arrive and leave when they choose.  Once they leave, however, they may not return.
  • Students must dance in ways that are appropriate for a school function.
  • Any student who chooses to use drugs or alcohol before or during the event will be subject to strong disciplinary action, including possible expulsion from school.

Parking information will be included in next week’s Weekly. If you need to contact your child or the chaperons during the dance, please call 653-9985.

Post Prom: I have made expectations about the use of alcohol and other drugs before or during the Prom clear to students, and I believe that they will live up to those expectations.  However, I do not want inadvertently to send the message that such use after the Prom is fine.  While use outside of school functions and hours is not a violation of school rules, any such use is of great concern.  I strongly advise you as parents to make your expectations clear with your child and make a plan to ensure that they are met.

Class Picnics (Monday, June 9, Tuesday rain date):  We expect all students to attend, so call the School if your child is absent.  Students should go to school first and ride school transportation to the picnic unless an alternative plan has been arranged with Cathie Connors in advance.  Details of the activities (food assignments) are available from class parents or grade level team leaders (Cathie Connors 9; David Vaughan 10; Breda White 11).  If the weather looks ominous, call the information hotline in the morning to see if the picnic is still on.  There is no school for Upper School students on the day on which the picnics are not held.

Last Day of Classes (Wednesday, June 11): Students report as usual to their advisors at 8:00 and then attend shortened versions of each class to conclude the academic year.  A final assembly for the entire upper school student body and faculty follows classes.  The school day will likely conclude before the usual time of 12:10.  Once dismissed from the assembly, students are free to leaveunless parents have requested that they remain on campus until 12:10.

Commencement (Friday, June 13, 4:00pm – 6:00pm): Location: Merrill Auditorium.  Students in grades 9 through 11 are welcome but not required to attend.  The Baccalaureate service on Thursday is for seniors, their immediate families, and faculty/staff only.

I have reviewed all of the above with students in 9th through 11th grade. I hope this information is helpful as you plan the end of the year.

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