Antidote to the Winter Blues? Start Singing! Get Involved!

The start of my Junior year was filled with excitement. My high school career was consumed by new subjects of study, sports practices, and great teachers. As the year progressed, the excitement level began to slip. Right around the Boy’s Varsity Soccer team’s elimination from the playoffs, my year began to lose structure. Even though I was doing an IAP during the winter season, I didn’t feel nearly as involved in Waynflete culture and community as when I was on the soccer team. As the winter season went on, I felt more and more isolated. I needed something to get me back into the Waynflete spirit.

I always knew about the Waynflete chorus but had never seriously considered it. In fact, the only reason I began to think about chorus was because of Physics. A couple days a week, a few friends and I would often end up eating in the Physics classroom, as we had class right after lunch. Usually, while eating, two seniors would visit, making jokes and screaming “Wendy!” with the biggest voice crack possible. I found the shenanigans quite comical and quickly became acquainted with the two hooligans.

Learning that these two were both in chorus, I began to consider it in a subtle way. I spoke to Chris Beavan who suggested I speak to Nick Macdonald, the chorus director. After a few days, I caught Nick in the hallway. After introducing myself and expressing slight interest in the program, he wasted no time welcoming me into the group. My timing was great as they had just performed their winter concert and were just beginning to prepare for their next.  On the first day, the other new member and I introduced ourselves and we started right in on preparation. The other new singers and I were all welcomed into the group and immediately fit in.

After a couple rehearsals, I felt like an active part of the Waynflete community again. Chorus filled the remaining part of winter with a sense of belonging and community. When tennis began, with a rigorous weekly schedule, I thought I would be overwhelmed. However, Tennis and chorus have combined to make me feel like a more integrated member of the Waynflete community. If there is any club or any activity that you’re on the edge about, I suggest going for it. If you’re feeling isolated just get involved and submerge yourself into the Waynflete community.


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