CSA Volunteers at Twilight in the Park

A traditional honoring, Twilight in the Park is an event sponsored by Hospice of Southern Maine that occurs every year in which people “celebrate life” by lighting a candle for a loved one who has died. The candle is placed inside a white bag with sand that bears the name of the individual being remembered. The bags are placed in Deering Oaks Park, and as the sun grows older, the candles are lit, creating a beautiful and touching memorial, showing love and compassion for “someone who has brought light into our lives.” To support this event, volunteers from Waynflete’s Community Service activity (CSA) and the parent community helped to fill and place each bag and later cleared them away.

In an email thanking the volunteers, CSA faculty advisor Breda White reflected on the event this way:

“Your efforts contributed directly, by all accounts, to the success of the event as a vital fundraiser for Hospice’s work. More important, however, was your role in helping grieving families and friends honor the life and memory of loved ones and /or to show appreciation for the caregivers who supported them through the end-of-life journey. As an Upper School community service maven, I was particularly delighted to see such a rich collaboration of Waynflete parents and students in the service of others. I hope we can have many more such joint efforts.”

All in all, a very beautiful way to spend a Saturday.
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