It’s not how smart you are that matters; what really counts is HOW you are smart.” Howard Gardner

Waynflete is offering a new program for Upper School students which will make academic coaching accessible to anyone wants or needs it.  Students who come to A.S.K. – Academic Skills & Knowledge – will have an opportunity to practice and master learning strategies using their own coursework, will identify personal learning styles, strengths, and challenges, and will set short and long-term goals for improving academic performance across the curriculum. In A.S.K., students will receive feedback to build on already-existing strategies and work habits.  Students will choose their own focus, with opportunities to strengthen organization, note-taking, time management/planning, memory, reading, writing and/or study and test-taking skills.  Students will be encouraged to take an active role in their learning through increased self-advocacy, self-reflection and metacognitive (learning about learning) skills.

Students may participate in A.S.K. on a voluntary, drop-in basis. They may come alone, or as a small group of peers who have similar goals. They may come once, or once a week for a year. Advisors and teachers may recommend that students participate. The Upper School Director or Dean of Students may require participation. There are many ways to benefit from A.S.K., but the most powerful results will come when students are self-directed, manifesting their own future success!

A.S.K. is run by Stacey Sevelowitz, Director of Academic Support. A.S.K. is being offered six times per week: all A-F blocks, each once per week, in the College Counseling room of the Student Center. Students will be expected to arrive with a specific task, question or skill to focus on.

The schedule is as follows:
A block: Mondays
B block: Thursdays
C block: Wednesdays
D block: Fridays
E block: Fridays
F block: Thursdays
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