What Makes Waynflete Students Happy?

The US Now staff was curious about what makes Waynflete students happy, so we decided to ask them in a one question survey, “What makes you happy?”  They offered the following responses:

Food, music, exercise AND MORE SLEEP


Skiing on a bluebird makes me happy, eating really good food, trying new foods, especially ice cream, being with friends and family, talking about space, going for walks, sun and salt, pretty flowers…


Going somewhere tropical


Being with the people I love

Ultralight Beam by Kanye West fills me with warmth, comfort, and happiness.

No homework on weekends

The ocean

Waking up in the morning and not dreading going to school coming into the student center and being surrounded by people who enjoy my company being in almost “4 advising homerooms” because I’m so close with the students and teachers in each one enjoying my classes because I always know I can speak my mind seeing the very first play I’ve ever worked on and being able to say “I helped make that!” patting Fran and talking with Debba listening to James’s word of the day TC’s bad jokes Steve’s Norwegian progress Stage crew Big cookie Friday Dance! Performing on opening night Being at Waynflete ??

Friends, Family, and living with privileges

What makes me happy is how much love we have in the Waynflete community and knowing that each and every student is loved. Also, how we pick each other up when we are down it’s just a close community.

doing things I love with people I love

Sunshine, performing, intelligent conversations, people who smile at me, my friends, my family, theater, being outside 🙂

Getting good grades.

The happiness of others

Being outside in the fresh air

Hanging out with my friends

I feel so happy, especially at Waynflete, when I see people getting rewards that they deserve for doing good in our community. Sometimes rewards can be as simple as a good feeling, like the feeling I got when people complimented the posters I hung up around the school, and sometimes they can be in the form of awards, but either way, I feel happy when people are happy and get rewarded for the things they’ve worked so hard at.

Sugar, hugs, no homework, smiles, puppies and kittens :)))

Spontaneous, care free and stress free activities with friends. Or music, relaxation, and video games.

Nadia Aman makes me happy because she is always happy and dancing whenever I see her. It is so energizing to see and it makes me so happy and makes me feel that there are some people in the world that are not always sad and angry. She brings happiness to the world and to me and I wish there were more people like her in the world.

When I go on adventures with friends

sunshine and beaches

compliments and “thinking of you” texts


Feeling like I can accomplish something. Whether it be moving forward in a friendship, a class, or just my well being by getting some rest.

My mom

my best friend

Seeing the smiles of the people who love and care about me every day.

Sparks of laughter in others eyes

Being with people I love and doing things I am passionate about.

I’m happy when I wake up from a late morning or mid afternoon nap and the sun in shining in my room with my dog on the bed.

What makes me happy is peace of mind. Knowing that I’m doing everything right, getting my work done, and being friendly to everyone.

Being warmed by the sun and eating chocolate chip cookies

Doing things I like to do. Sports, movies, traveling… Spending time with my family and friends, and my dog. Have chinese food while playing video games. Try stuff I’ve never done before. Perhaps talking to girls depends on how nice they are 🙂


Water running down through my hair

Being at the top of a mountain on a beautiful day – when it’s sunny and windy, the views are spectacular, and there’s a nice chocolate bar in my backpack.

Being outside, barefoot and surrounded by nature, listening to music or just enjoying the quiet. spending time with little kids, and being reminded of the little things in life that make you smile and laugh. Being by the ocean, with the wind through my hair and sun on my face, imagining mermaids swimming deep, and me swimming with them. Going on walks with a friend, and stopping to drink tea or just be! Seeing acts of kindness everyday, at school, at home, and beyond. Lots of things make me happy, and if you just pause to think of all you have to be happy about, life is wonderful! 🙂

Summer camp

my friends and easy sunny Saturday’s

My horse

My cats and my friends(which are the same thing)

Delicious food

I am happy when I feel completely free of stress. This stress can be social, school, family, or other. But I need to be doing something I love and then all the stress seams to float away.

Music. Any kind any genre in any place from anyone. It is universal and it is happiness.

This is a hard question… I guess what makes me happy is when my parents are happy. That brings me joy.

My friends make me happy!

Friends outdoors and sleep.

free food, smiles, hugs, kindness

Meeting new people and learning their stories

riding and spending time with my horses

Lying in the grass with the warm sun pouring on my face


1) Being alone in the woods, and looking up at the stars when I know that there’s no one around for miles and miles. The stars seem infinite even though they’re just suns that died billions of years ago, and it reminds me that death is not the end but part of the cycle of everything. 2) Driving  at night with my friend. We turn the music up so loud that I can’t think and roll the windows down so I can taste the sky. 3) Watching the sun set, and knowing someone, somewhere, is watching it rise. When you see those orange clouds, you don’t know if it’s setting or rising and I think that’s beautiful. 4) The woman who lent me change for the meter, I’d never seen her before in my life and I’ll probably never see her again. 5) Those small dark spaces that you find in old buildings. Corners and alcoves and the like. Anything is possible there. 6) The knowledge that even though she moved away, she still has that shirt that she never returned to me. She might forget me, but we’ll still have some connection. Note: I don’t know why, but I’m crying now. The happy things in life seem so sad sometimes. I think it’s because you only know how happy it was when it’s done. Perfection is easily seen in impossibility.

My friends make my very happy. I have only a couple that I would consider my closest, but I would rather have a few close, meaningful friends, than a wide circle of acquaintances. Personally, I am not a morning person, but just this past week when I arrived to school, I walked into physics class and found that one of my friends had left a drawing on my desk. It probably only took her 30 seconds to make, but still, it made me smile. Not only had she had thought of me, but she chose to take time out of her own day to improve mine.


Live music.

Being loved.


term papers…lol…jk

Being able to leave my house and enter the Emery doors into a new, much bigger family.

Having free time

What makes me happy is when I am in the service of others, and seeing them smile.

Routine and consistency

Being outside, seeing friends every day at school, cooking with others

The wagging tail of my two dogs, the smell of spring, the feeling of working as hard as I possibly can, a “hey” from an unfamiliar person in the hallway, jelly beans, my lacrosse stick, long hugs, my supportive community, April break, new friends, family.

Good food

To know the love of Jesus Christ as my savior.

I am always happiest in the outdoors. Be it summer long canoe trips in the wildest woods of North America, adventurous day hikes with my girlfriend, or beautiful skis on Sunday afternoons in March, I am never be happier than when I am out in the open air.

Working with animals makes me happy. Helping others makes me happy. No homework makes me happy. Sunshine makes me happy.

When people come together under one thing they all have in common.

not being able to watch the latest episode of Game of Thrones until the Sunday after it premiers because I’m too damn busy doing all the things I love, like theater, eating out, writing, or doing work for my favorite classes. But then again, when I finally make that hour to watch Game of Thrones, that feels pretty damn good too.

Being around people

Swimming in the ocean

Meeting New People

Jae Crowder’s dreads and when Steph Curry misses a 3

my sister

Sitting down on the couch and watching a good quality tv show

life liberty and property


when i don’t feel judged

Incredible friends who always know how to make me smile

Coming home to a fresh home cooked meal.


Moments where I go to mentally check my to do list and find that not only do I have no obligations lol

The thought of summer vacation

Someone’s smile or knowing that someone is safe and sound

Feeling like what I am doing matters


Positive Events

Time with my friends

Cooking, my family, the ocean, traveling, speaking different languages, eating, Bruce Springsteen, loud music.

$$$, more $$$$, even more $$$

Laughter. Laughter until my sides hurt and my mouth hurts from smiling so much. laughter is always what makes me happy.

Kurt Vonnegut!

Long walks on the beach. The sea glass on the shore, climbing the rocks, and feeling the breeze on my face.

Coming home to no home work being able to relax on the weekends carefree random hi’s good food

Little things like feeling the warmth of sunlight on my skin, watching the stars appear one by one in the night sky after sunset, hugging a trusted friend, listening to the crashing waves of the ocean, or smelling the fresh scent of spring air after a rain shower

the warmth of the sun on my skin, walking barefoot on endless fields of grass, exploring new places on a run, coloring by the window on a rainy day and a good book

basketball in sills

Watching Lowell booty bump Lower Schoolers

When people reassure me that I will have a bright future even though I doubt myself sometimes. Also stand up, a song by meek mill that makes me happy. It is very up lifting, even though it has elements of reality of the life of an African American teenager in the projects.

When my dog jumps onto the couch and curls up next to me

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