What are Upper School Students Grateful For?

As the school year came to a close in June, US Advisors asked their advisees what they were grateful for. Below is a sampling of their responses; the prominent words in the word cloud above were the most noted in their submissions. Check out all the responses here.

The kind lunch ladies and the great food

The different personalities that contrast in the homeroom

My brother driving me to school each morning

Having supportive teachers

All the meaningful connections I’ve made over these past 4 years

Being welcomed in the high school and for people helping to make me feel comfortable

All of the support, encouragement and happy smiles Waynflete gave me

The strong bonds and friendships I have made this year

Not being a freshman anymore. Also, David Neilan is cool

The community I have grown to love throughout my 4 years here

Constant love

Wonderful relationships between faculty and students

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