Waynflete Science Olympiad at Nationals

On May 20, eleven Upper School students competed in the National Science Olympiad tournament at Wichita State University in Kansas. The team earned their spot at the tournament by winning the Maine State Science Olympiad tournament in April. Sixty teams with students from nearly every state were represented at the national tournament.

Waynflete students earned three top 20 finishes, including an impressive 6th place medal in an event called “Write It Do It” by Kira Chown ʼ25 and Mira Levine ʼ24, a 15th place finish in Forensics by Maren Cooper ʼ23 and Aelia Russell ʼ24, and a 17th place finish in the Flight event by Maren Cooper ʼ23 and Reed Robinson ʼ23. Other strong finishes included a 30th place finish by Fallon Culley ʼ25 and Kira Chown ʼ25 in Anatomy and Physiology, a 36th place finish in Detector Building by Alec Benton ʼ24 and Max Shurman ʼ24, and a 38th place finish in WiFi Lab by Nik Chaney ‘24 and Jack Vickery ʼ24. The team placed 42nd out of 60, ahead of all other New England schools except Massachusetts.

All students on the team represented Waynflete and the state of Maine with enthusiasm and pride. The team was coached by Carol Titterton and Wendy Curtis.

Team members:
Maren Cooper ʼ23
Reed Robinson ʼ23
Noah Abbott ʼ24
Alec Benton ʼ24
Mira Levine ʼ24
Aelia Russell ʼ24
Max Shurman ʼ24
Noah Abbott ʼ24
Jack Vickery ʼ24
Kira Chown ʼ25
Fallon Culley ʼ25

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