Waynflete Mock Trial 2014

Thirty Waynflete Upper School students have been working since September to prepare for the Maine State Bar Association’s annual Mock Trial competition, which begins this weekend.  Participating schools from all over the state are sent a packet of information, containing a Grand Jury indictment, witness statements, relevant legal materials, and exhibits.  This year’s case, The People of the State of Maine v. Jesse Woodson, alleges that Austin Wojchowski ’15 bullied Tyler Cutrone ’17, and then hit him in the head with a brick, causing serious physical injury.  Other witnesses are playing doctors, a school administrator, and a police detective.  As well, there are court officers and numerous attorneys for both sides.

Students will be presenting the case this Saturday, November 15, both for the prosecution and the defense, between 9am and noon at the Cumberland County Courthouse, 205 Newbury St., although the actual entrance on the weekends is on Federal St.  Faculty, friends, and families are encouraged to attend.  We will be competing against Sanford High School.  8 schools will advance, and we hope to be one of them.  Please come and cheer the students on!

Here is a full list of the participants:

Opening Prosecution – Elly Shivel

Opening Defense – Tim Laprade


Prosecution Witnesses                     Attorneys – Direct                 Cross

Angel Sterling  – Tyler Cutrone         Cooper Bramble                 Jake Soley

Detective Cooper – Althea Sellers   Maddy Polkinghorn          Michael Michaelson

Dr. Halloway – Tim Clifford             Grace Bukowski-Thall      Henry Johannen


Defense Witnesses                                     Attorneys – Direct                             Cross

Jesse Woodsum – Austin Wojchowski Caroline Hastings                           Isabel Floyd

Dr. Crane – Isabel Canning                       Payton Sullivan                               Ben Riggleman

Sydney Campbell – Thalia Muyderman Kelly Frumer      Acadia Weinberg


Closing Prosecution – Haley Jo Cutrone

Closing Defense – Jonas Maines

Court Officer – Grace Bramley-Simmons

Second-seats –

Lindsay Ayre             Ava Farrar

Stella Lynch               Zander Martin

Abdi Mohamed          Beata Vest

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