Waynflete Middle Schoolers place first in event at regional “Sea Perch” competition

Waynflete Middle and Upper School robotics teams competed Friday at the regional Sea Perch competition in Durham, New Hampshire. The event is jointly hosted by the University of New Hampshire and the US Navy.

Our Middle School team competed in two events: Challenge Course and the Obstacle Course. In both events, the team had to maneuver their robot through a series of obstacles, including opening and closing a hatch, removing and replacing a battery, and changing out tools—all while underwater! The all-girls Middle School team placed first in the Challenge Course, beating out teams from Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island.

Team members:

Tessy Bikamba (team captain, chief robot designer, engineer, and builder)
Rodas Kahasay (chief tetherer)
Grace Alexander (chief driver)
Lucy Olson (chief team strategist)
Missing from photo: Nicole Alder

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