Waynflete Grad Takes on the Economic Realities of College Tuition

Many Waynflete families are thinking about the economic realities of college tuition.  Last Tuesday, the School hosted an evening program entitled “Financing a College Education”  led by Steve Joyce, Senior Advisor for Financial Aid at Bowdoin College.  Next week, Steve is hosting individualized follow-up sessions for interested families.  Click here for more information.

Meanwhile, as Waynflete families grapple with how to pay the ever escalating costs of a college education, a Waynflete graduate, Addison St-Onge May ’12, published an article for George Washington University’s student run website, RIVAL .  Addison is currently a junior majoring in Political Science with a concentration in Public Policy at GWU.  His article, intended to inform his classmates, examines tuition, financial aid, and debt at GWU in comparison to other schools and dives into the overall subject of the cost of higher education.

The scholarly nature of Addison’s article comes as no surprise to anyone who knew him at Waynflete.  I met Addison in the fall of 2008 during an upper school activity connected to the 2008 Presidential Election.  I led a session on the economy, and it didn’t take long for Addison (then a freshman) to pop up and offer his insights.  I was impressed (BLOWN AWAY!) by his grasp of economics.  I asked him two questions:  1) Where did you learn economics?  2)  When will you be in one of my classes?

That meeting led to a couple years of conversations about economics and politics in the halls and classrooms, and in Addison’s junior year, he took an Independent Study in Economics with me as the advisor/teacher.   The following year Addison led Waynflete to victory as New England Champs in the Reserve Cup Challenge, an economics competition sponsored by the Boston Federal Reserve.

In addition to his studies and writing, Addison was just selected for an internship on Capitol Hill, serving in the office of Representative Barbara Lee, from California’s 13th District. I think I speak for a lot of folks when I say it’s great to see a brilliant young economist dedicating his talents to fields such as public policy and politics.

Here is a link to Addison’s article.

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