US Science Bowl Team Takes 2nd Place in Regionals

Two teams of five students each competed today in the 2014 U.S. Department of Energy Science Bowl competition. The competition is a round robin style tournament. held at the University of Southern Maine, in which students are pitted against teams from other Maine schools and quizzed on science knowledge.

Waynflete’s A team won 4 of 6 of their rounds, then had to complete THREE tiebreaker rounds in order to advance to the finals! They finished in 2nd place overall! Waynflete’s B team won 3 of the six rounds in their bracket.

Students involved were Lydia Fox (’14), Al Ghorashi (’15), Sally Li (’14), Wasita Mahaphanit (’14), Jacob Hagler (’15), Dana Peirce (’15), Quinn Shivel (’14), Stephen Epstein (’15), Jackie Xiao (’14), and Henry Johannen (’16). Teams were coached by Carol Titterton, Wendy Curtis, and Peter Hamblin.

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