Upper Schoolers travel to National Science Olympiad Tournament in Colorado

After winning the state Science Olympiad competition, 15 students traveled to Colorado State University in Fort Collins, Colorado, for the national tournament. Students competed in 23 science and engineering events against schools from all 50 states.  Waynflete’s team is coached by Carol Titterton and Wendy Curtis.

Team  members:

Nick Hagler ’18
Callie Banksmith ’18
Leeza Kopeava ’18
Molly McNutt ’18
Tabarak Al Musawi ’19
Carter Dexter ’19
Chloe Fisher ’19
Quilla Flanagan-Burt ’19
Phoebe Hart ’19
Abby Aleshire ’20
Sophi Aronson ’20
Ellis Dougherty ’20
Thy Geldenhuys ’20
Haoming Ma ’20
Emily Wagg ’20

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