Upper School Jazz Ensemble and Jazz Combo perform at the 50th Annual Berklee High School Jazz Festival

Waynflete’s Upper School Jazz Ensemble and Upper School Jazz Combo recently performed at the 50th Annual Berklee High School Jazz Festival in Boston.

The Combo received no fewer than four perfect scores and landed right in the middle of an extremely competitive Combo division! The Jazz Ensemble played well and received many constructive comments from the judges.  Senior tenor saxophonist Julian Abbott received the Judge’s Choice Award as the outstanding performer for both Waynflete groups!

Waynflete Upper School Jazz Ensemble
Julian Abbott
Mitchell Adams
Avis Akers
Ethan Armstrong
Henry Bukowski-Thall
Niall Calvert
Andrew Clark
Eliza Cox
Ellis Dougherty
Connor Feeney
Liam Feeney
Eliza Goodwin
Jacob Greene
Nick Hagler
Mykel Henry
Levi Lilienthal
Julian Ray
Elli Sterling
Nicholas Wagg
Ike Wilson

Waynflete Upper School Jazz Combo
Julian Abbott
Ethan Armstrong
Sophi Aronson
Tafari Makinen-Hall
Julian Ray

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