Upper School Awards 2021

On behalf of the Upper School faculty and administration, it is my pleasure to announce the 2021 recipients of departmental awards, inductees into the Cum Laude Society, and recipients of other awards (descriptions of the awards are linked here):

Cum Laude (as juniors) – Semma Twining, Yiheng “Selina”  He

Cum Laude (new seniors) – Benjamin Adey, Owen Anderson, Joseph Ansel-Mullen, Elena Friedland, Ilo Holdridge, Aidan Kieffer, Harry Millspaugh, Abigail Shumway, Eleanor Sterling, Michael Veroneau, Anna Yankee, Sam Yankee, Nahum Yehdego

Cum Laude (juniors) – Ethan Freeman, Henry Moore, Blythe Thompson

Performing Arts – Hope McSherry

Margaret Chenery Math Award – Yiheng “Selina” He

Linguistic Excellence in a World Language – Semma Twining

Cultural Appreciation in a World Language – Ellie Simmons

Josephine H. Detmer History Award – Connor Feeney

Sportsmanship – Joey Ansel-Mullen, Claire DiNapoli

Student Athlete – Ben Adey, Aidan Kieffer, Kilee Sherry

Peter D. Hamblin Four-Year Varsity Tri-Athlete – Harry Millspaugh

Vergn E. Hewes Science Award – Yiheng “Selina” He

Heather Brown Art Award – Anna Yankee and Helen Hornor

Barbara Freeman Award for Literary Scholarship – Sylvette Dupé-Vété-Congolo

The Dow Cup for Writing Award – Khalil Kilani

Lowell W. Libby Award for Civic Engagement – Sylvette Dupé-Vété-Congolo & Sam Yankee

Of course, Waynflete also values the growth and accomplishments of all seniors. Each senior will be to be recognized with a Minute for each read at the Senior Dinner, which this year will be held in person on June 7.

The list does not include the recipient of the Irvil K. Pease award, which is determined by a vote of the entire Upper School student body and recognizes the senior who “best embodies the Waynflete spirit.” We are saving that announcement for the last Upper School assembly on June 9.

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