Two Freshmen Recap Spirit Week

This year’s spirit week was full of liveliness and enthusiasm in the competition for the most points between grades. As our first year as highschoolers, freshmen were oblivious to the flow of spirit week. At the end of the week, the seniors came out as the winners, with 130 points. Sadly but expectedly, freshmen only got 60 points, making our class 2017’s spirit week losers. Each day there was a different theme, and an event to go along with it, the following is a summary.

Day 1: Looking from a distance at the Waynflete campus, there is the visibility of bits of animals. The school was full of students dressed as various animals and even some zookeepers attending their everyday classes and showing some spirit and fun. During activities, there was a game of musical chairs, accompanied by an enthusiastic and screaming crowd. At the end of the day, there was a 3v3 basketball tournament. Having been our first day in this new way of fun, we participated but reluctant to jump in.

Day 2:  While this day was not an official theme, everyone came to school with big smiles ready for their own grade advising day. The freshmen all piled into a bus to got to a church in which we did activities to build and help support each other. Tuesday was meant for a day of fun as well as being in a warm community. After school there was a dodgeball tournament, in which teams were very competitive for the title of winners.

Day 3: Twin day was an especially fun day. There were many twins seen in the halls as well as even a few triplets, quadruplets and even quintuplets. During break, in the atrium the limbo competition was happening. The music blared with the accompaniment of fun and laughter. Basically, a dancer crushed it, bringing home the Sophomore class’s only win. Although he didn’t win, a 6’4” Foshay was the crowd favorite.

Day 4: Thursday was totally tubular, with a throwback to the 80s. During break, another dodgeball tournament ensued, although this time the grades were pitted against each other. The Juniors won against the Sophomores, while the Seniors and Freshmen had to go three rounds because of continuous ties. At the end of the day, the seniors won.

Day 5: Waynflete spirit day consisted of a lot of green and white (obviously). Some people went full out in terms of dress, wearing full sports gear. The best part of the day was the dance off. On one hand, the freshmen weren’t that great at all, with minimal participation and a dance which consisted of shuffling around in a mini circle that was created minutes before it was performed. On the other, the seniors took first place with a dance that was at least five minutes and consisted of almost every twelfth grader. This competition probably had the most hype, with almost everyone screaming and having a blast. Such smiles and happiness was amazing to see during spirit week. It was a wonderful break from the normal routine of a regular school day.

Matt Foshay ’17, Limbo Master

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