They Won Eternal Glory!!

Waynflete’s team of Sophie Benson and Al Ghorashi had some close matches along the way, but in the end they were dominant, winning the final round of the MEST-Up TV game show competition in a convincing manner by a score of 300 to 0.

MEST-Up finals 1See the Particle Collector event from the final match against Cheverus in the video above.  Click here to see the entire match.  Click here to see the final event in our team’s dramatic come from behind victory over Camden Hills High School in the semi-final round.  Click here to read Sophie’s article on how a box of Munchkins inspired her to join the team.

When you see Sophie and Al, congratulate them on all they have accomplished.  They brought the MEST-Up trophy to Waynflete, they were awarded an iPad each, and they earned, in the words of the game show host, “eternal glory.”

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