The Water Station of Dreams

DF3It’s only been a month and we’ve already given 64 cumulative hours of service towards helping to grant chronically ill children’s dreams.

A few weeks ago, the Waynflete and Gorham dream factory clubs teamed up and ran a water station at the Maine Marathon. The 17 or so water stations were all local clubs/charities that were competing for the best water station with a prize of $500. All 16 of the Waynflete members claimed it to be an amazing experience that was not only super fun, but rewarding.

With this much success so early in the year, we all hope the new dream factory club will be a great way to give back to the community at Waynflete. During our last meeting, we cumulated our thoughts on that chilly October morning.

DF 1“I had a lot of fun at the Maine Marathon, it was awesome to see how appreciative some of the runners were and to see their faces light up when we cheered for them and gave them water. It was also great to know that we were potentially raising $500 to go towards someone’s dream. I’m really glad I went.”

“I loved volunteering for the Maine Marathon with the Dream Factory because it felt like I was really making a difference. Also a lot of people really appreciated that we came out to help them, and it was really exciting and a good challenge to try and win the prize for the Dream Factory.”

DF5“Seeing everyone waking up super early and losing their voice for the wish granting of a kid was amazing. It felt great to be helping such a great cause and not minding waking up instead of sleeping.”

“It really touched me to help the athletes. But in the bigger picture it was great to raise awareness for the Dream Factory and what it’s for.”

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