Managing technology use in the digital age

Parents across the country are entering into conversations about the role of technology in their lives and the lives of their children. Regardless of family values or family policies regarding access to technology—the digital age is here to stay and all parents are grappling with the implications, which include:

  • the fact that technology both helps users connect but also can interfere with making human connections;
  • the significant differences between watching a story or book unfold on a screen and reading a book;
  • the impact of everything being immediate in life;
  • how we are technology role models for our children; and
  • the fact that ongoing conversations and considering and reconsidering our technology policies is essential given the changing nature of the digital world.

Staying connected and talking with one another has always helped parents navigate the myriad stages of their children’s development. Parents supporting one another around their children’s technology use is no different.

Below you will find links to some articles and resources that I hope you will find relevant and interesting.

How (and When) to Limit Kids’ Tech Use
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“Teach your children to use technology in a healthy way and pick up the skills and habits that will make them successful digital citizens. From 2-year-olds who seem to understand the iPad better than you to teenagers who need some (but not too much) freedom, we’ll walk you through how to make technology work for your family at each stage of the journey.”  – Melanie Pinola in NYT Smart Living

Mindful Technology
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Erica Marcus, educator and wellness instructor from Wise Minds, Big Hearts, shared her  blog and resource page including a”personal investigation” exercise along with her book recommendations.

The Art of Screen Time: How your Family can Balance Digital Media and Real Life
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Anya Kamenetz us all to “enjoy screens; not too much; mostly together.”

Some other articles to consider:

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Focusing in a Tech Connected World

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Distinguishing Addiction From Habit

Good Digital Parenting Is The Challenge Of Our Age

What Kind Of Screen Time Parent Are You?


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