Students share Shoulder-to-Shoulder stories

Students gathered in the Emery Student Center last night to share their stories of embarking on “Students Shoulder-to-Shoulder” global citizenship courses last summer with parents and peers.

“It was inspiring to see the enthusiasm about the personal discovery each of them clearly experienced,” remarked one parent upon hearing their reflections. “It seems to have given them a valuable perspective on the world’s challenges while also sparking great hope.”

Waynflete’s membership in the Students Shoulder-to-Shoulder coalition gives our students priority admission on these service learning experiences that are enriched by long-lasting partnerships with global NGO partners in multiple locations both domestic and abroad. “We know how to have engage in dialogue about the things we see each day and to have relationships with the people we meet,” said Clara Sandberg ’20, who worked at the Llama Pack Project in Peru last summer and spoke about how she discovered soccer was a universal language she shared with the locals there. “That just comes naturally for us because we go to Waynflete.”

The students will host International Peace Initiatives Director Dr. Karambu Ringera on Tuesday at the Upper School assembly. Dr. Karambu, who was at Waynflete for the first New England Youth Identity Summit, will speak with students about believing in their own ability to make a difference in the world on a large scale.

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