Student Perspectives on What Matters Most

This post is the first in a new series on USNow featuring student perspectives on what matters most to them.

Last year was my first year at Waynflete. I realized before the end of my first week, that this was the school for me. The freedom, community, teachers, sports, and classes called my name. My old school was limited; two classes with 25 people, almost no separated learning abilities, and no teachers had any trust in their students. How were we supposed to prepare ourselves for the real world being by ourselves and on our own?

That was when I talked with my parents, and we agreed to check out Waynflete. I now know how the new people this year feel, because I was in the same situation last year. I know how Waynflete works altogether as a safe place, because I have experience here. I believe that I now can relate to different types of people, being involved in sports, writing, struggling, and learning from mistakes. I believe that being in a lot of classes this year and last year with other students that we are all different, unique individuals. I feel that Waynflete altogether has a great system on figuring out our needs and what the students want.

I want Waynflete to know how we, the students, work together as a school. As amazing as Waynflete is, it doesn’t mean that there isn’t room for improvement. I believe that all students have their own needs and can work together for success. I feel that I can talk with adults now, while some others at different schools have trouble with that. Our thoughts need to be heard. Our voices need to rise together. This is our collective responsibility to make this community as one we of which want to be part.

Kiely Callahan ’21

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