Spare Time with Dyer Rhoads

I have been talking with Mike and Sam for some time about creating some kind of comedy/talk show. Recently we decided to come together and make it happen. We decided on a late-night show format that would allow us to do interviews, sketches, and strange remote segments. We knew we were going to produce it for the Waynflete US NOW website, so we have based the show around the Waynflete community. I have been at Waynflete since EC3, making this my 15th year here at the school. Throughout my years here, I have observed and enjoyed Waynflete’s eccentricities and good sense of humor. We created this show to celebrate that sense of humor.

Spare Time with Dyer Rhoads has been in the talks for a while. Despite the doubters (Julianna Harwood, I’m looking at you) we actually rallied and pulled this off…Yes, it is only one episode so far, but I am hopeful in our momentum.


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