Six Students and Two Faculty Represent Waynflete at the Annual NAACP MLK Breakfast

Martin Luther King Jr. is a powerful historical figure. I was honored to have been selected to go to the MLK Breakfast hosted by the Portland branch of the NAACP. The six winners of the first annual Spirit of MLK Award represented Waynflete at the breakfast: Karlina Gonzalez, Sarah Daoudi, and Najma Abdullahi from the Upper School; Julia Fiori, Andrew Johannen, and Sarah Acheson-Field from the Middle School. All the speakers at the breakfast were eloquent and had a love for Martin Luther King Jr. that was blinding.

During the breakfast, everyone was asked to write a message on notecards and fabrics that were provided. They will be sent to members that were present when the NAACP building was bombed. That was the first time I heard of the bombing. I hadn’t even seen it in the news. I wrote a message filled with happiness that I hoped would lift their spirits.

The atmosphere was very welcoming. I thoroughly enjoyed the breakfast. Every moment was joyous. I would love to continue to go to these annual breakfasts, and I urge everyone to come to them, too. A truly amazing experience.

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