Science Olympiad!

Waynflete’s US Science Olympiad team was one of 71 teams from around the country to compete at MIT’s 4th annual Science Olympiad tournament on Saturday, January 21st in Cambridge, Massachusetts. The team worked in pairs to compete in 23 science and engineering events covering all manner of topics. Highlights from our trip (beside the sauna at the hotel) included our impressive finishes in Hydrogeology (Althea Sellers and Grace Bramley-Simmons), Disease Detectives (Grace and Sophia Mayone), and Game On (Sophia and Grace again!). Senior Grace Bramley-Simmons was the team’s MVP!

Other strong finishes included Astronomy (Althea and Willson Moore), Helicopters (Emily Tabb and Callie Banksmith), and Towers (Althea and Willson again!). The Helicopters team had quite the weekend—their original helicopter got sucked into an air vent while practicing at Waynflete, and they reconstructed it and had an excellent finish!

Honorable mentions go to Optics (Nick Wagg and Sophia), Robot Arm (Tim Clifford and Nick), and Write It Do It (Althea and Charlotte Rhoads). Other members of team were Elisabeth Lualdi (‘17) and juniors Luna Soley, Nick Hagler, Shuhao Liu, Molly McNutt, and Dorrie Pinchbeck.

Robot Arm tower
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