Waynflete VRC Team Qualifies for Maine State VEX Championship!

After finishing 4th at the regional tournament, the Upper School Robotics Team learned that it had qualified for the Maine State VEX Championship, to be held at Hampden Academy on Saturday, February 13.  The team is now busy refining how the robot functions in advance of Saturday’s event.  

Waynflete Robotics Activity Members
Owen Gervais ’17
Timothy Clifford ’17
Sebastian Lindner-Liaw ’17
Beata Vest ’17
Nick Hagler ’18
Ryan Bergeron ’18
Bodhi Small ’18
Luna Soley ’18
Miles Anderson ’19
Maya DeLong ’19
Emma Irvine ’19
Ben Fratoni ’19
Ian Irvine ’19
Parker Seeley ’19
Beata Vest’s Video Documentary of the Meet


The team tests adjustments made to the robot between rounds.  “What I love about this competition is that something is always going wrong with the robot.  The team has to problem solve and fix things throughout the day.” (Neil Rice, Robotics Team Coach)

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