PSAT for Juniors on Wednesday, October 14

All Juniors are registered to take the PSAT at Waynflete next week on Wednesday, October 14. Juniors should report to Sills at 8:00 am. They do not need to go to homeroom. They should bring a calculator and three or four number 2 pencils.

PSAT results are not sent to colleges.  They are used to determine National Merit recognition, which is generally awarded to students whose scores register in the 97th percentile.  Otherwise, the value of taking the PSAT is to help students prepare for the new SAT, which debuts in March 2016.  As such, students should not feel compelled to prepare for the PSAT itself. They can look through the full length PSAT that they received in a recent junior class meeting.  When they receive the test results, they can discuss options for SAT prep with John Thurston and Breda White, including resources available to them at the free test prep site, linked here, made available by The College Board and Khan Academy.

Sophomores will have the chance to take the PSAT10 later in the year.
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