Preble Street Resource Center Volunteer Spotlight: Julia Hansen

The following write up appeared in the Preble Street Resource Center Fall Newsletter:

Meet Julia Hansen (standing center), a sophomore at Waynflete High School who started volunteering at the Resource Center Soup Kitchen with her mom, Suzanne Fox, a little over a year ago.

This mother/daughter team started by coming in for a breakfast shift once a month, but over time Julia’s interest in and commitment to giving back has grown. She has asked a lot of great questions and learned more about the myriad of services Preble Street offers.

Julie now volunteers weekly, and her  concern for the challenges faced by those living in poverty has inspired her classmates and friends to get involved. As co-leader of the Ethical Leadership Club at her high school, Julia has organized clothing drives and coordinated a group of her classmates to pick apples when the owner of a local backyard  orchard offered to donate the apples to Preble Street. She has worked with her faculty advisors to organize volunteer groups from Waynflete to prepare a monthly meal in the soup kitchen.

We are impressed with and thankful for her energy, compassion, creativity, and dedication.

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