Parent Follow-Up Letter to the “Speak About It” Presentation

Dear parents,

Thank you for attending the parent presentation at Waynflete yesterday evening! It was really wonderful getting to speak with all of you both during and after the program. Thank you for your attention, sincerity, and thoughtful, challenging questions. I hope that the information I shared was helpful and that it will continue to serve you well over the months and years to come.

Our parent program is a fairly new venture here at Speak About It, and we would appreciate your feedback on how it went. Click here to take a brief survey and share your thoughts. It shouldn’t take more than five minutes, and you are welcome to share as much or as little as you like. Anything you have to contribute is valued and greatly appreciated!

As promised, I’d like to share some books and websites where you can get more information about the topics we discussed yesterday evening. Some are specifically geared toward parents, while others may also be useful for your children should you choose to share them. Also, here is a link to the PDF copy of the handout some of you received yesterday evening which reviews the topics we discussed.


Online Resources:

Once again, I’d like to thank you for attending the program last night. If you have any remaining questions from the presentation, please feel free to either reply to this email or give me a call during normal business hours at the phone number listed at the bottom of this message. I’m more than happy to be a resource for you as you continue on your journey of raising sexually healthy kids!

My colleagues and I sincerely enjoyed our time visiting Waynflete. Thank you for welcoming us into your community, listening to what we had to say, and allowing us the true privilege of speaking with your children about these critically important issues.

Best regards,

Kaylee Wolfe
Speak About It, Inc. – Program Coordinator
P.O. Box 4408
Portland, ME 04101
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P.S. Don’t forget to take the feedback survey! Here’s the link once more:

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Kaylee Wofle talks to Waynflete parents

Kaylee Wofle talks with Waynflete parents at Speak About It presentation

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