Outliers robotics team overcomes challenges to take victory at Granite State

The Outliers Robotics team is once again the winner of the Granite State Robotics competition! 35 teams from across New England competed in this three-day event in New Hampshire.  

Team members grappled with unexpected and complex mechanical, electrical, and coding problems through the competition. With the robot dying partway through most early matches, the team was ranked 23rd at the end of the first day. Team members worked late into the night to diagnose and resolve problems. In the first match on day two, the Outliers scored 17 goals and continued undefeated for the remaining qualification matches, climbing to 5th place.  

For the playoffs, Bucksport (ranked 2nd) turned down the opportunity to partner with the top-ranked team, opting instead to partner with the Outliers. Together with a team from Manchester, New Hampshire, they went on to win the event.

The Outliers were also chosen by judges to receive the Creativity Award for their unique shifting swerve drivetrain that resulted in their robot being the fastest on the field. 

Congrats to the team for pulling together and overcoming significant obstacles on their way to victory!

(Watch a video of the last finals match. The Outliers are the blue robot with the light bar across the top (5687); Bucksport is the blue robot with purple lights (6329). The goal of the game this season is to collect rings on the ground or at a feed station on the far side and shoot them into a high or mid-goal on the other side.)

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