Need help? Just A.S.K.!

Those pesky midterm exams have come and gone, and your child may be wondering if there was anything else s/he could’ve done differently to ensure better grades.  Or maybe s/he spent hours on an English paper, only to receive a C+ with red ink across the pages.  Maybe your child forgot his or her homework at home again, or s/he can’t figure out why it’s so hard to keep up with all of it, and s/he’s tired of making excuses for missing assignments.  Or maybe s/he is up so late doing homework and now falling asleep in class is a daily occurrence.  If this sounds like your child, Waynflete has a resource worth checking out.  A.S.K., Academic Skills and Knowledge, was created to provide a place for students to receive the academic coaching they need.  This can include skill building in the areas of study skills, self-advocacy, organization, time and materials management, goal-setting, and/or reading and writing back-to-basics. A.S.K. can be found in Emery during all blocks, each once per week.  Advisors can request that students attend, or students can voluntarily drop by any time. Call or email Stacey Sevelowitz for more info on this valuable program.

207.774.5721 | 360 Spring Street, Portland, Maine | Directions | My Waynflete