Misha Linnehan ’14 Writes Home from History Class

Sometimes a Waynflete education comes in handy in unexpected ways. Such was the case recently for Misha Linnehan ’14.

Hi Debba,

Today in my American Politics lecture, we were discussing the Constitution. Since the State of the Union was last night, someone asked what part of the Constitution decreed that the President needed to make that speech. My professor responded, “Article II section 3…I forget the exact quote.”  She then looked down at the podium, and realized she had forgotten to bring a copy of the Constitution from which to read said quote. She halfheartedly looked up and asked, in a disappointed voice, “Does anyone happen to have a Constitution with them?”

While I heard the noise of 70 of my fellow classmates thinking “Why on Earth would anyone have a copy of the Constitution with them,” I immediately thought “HOLY COW, THERE’S LIKE A 50% CHANCE I HAVE ONE OF THOSE LEFT OVER IN MY BACKPACK FROM HIGH SCHOOL.” Sure enough, upon thorough inspection, I found not one, not two, but three separate copies of the Constitution scrunched up in my backpack.

I quickly raised my hand and said “Yes! I do!”, walked up to the stage, and bestowed one of the copies upon my obviously impressed professor. She asked me my name and wrote it down. Class participation is 15% of our grade. I have a feeling that small act may help me down the line, and it’s entirely due to you throwing Constitutions with the persistency of a woodpecker.

So thank you, Debba, for both your direct and indirect contributions to my grades at college.


PS: I’m considering adding a class called “History of Revolutionary America: 1763-1815.” Do I already know everything or is there substantially more to learn?


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