Maine Model UN Conference Results Are In

Waynflete students spanning 8th to 12th grades participated in the Maine Model United Nations Conference (MeMUNC) at the University of Southern Maine from Monday, 5/11 through Wednesday, 5/13.  The conference, which attracts schools from throughout the State, was the largest in its history.  The Upper School delegation was led by Ben Mini; the Middle School group by Hannah Deblois.  The Waynflete delegation of 49 students was the largest in attendance, and they’re coming home highly decorated with their good word being recognized with half of the awards bestowed, including Best Delegation!  Below is a list of awards presented to Waynflete MUN delegates at this year’s conference.

General Assembly

Honorable Mention – Abdi Dahir
Diplomacy – Althea Sellers


Distinguished Delegate – Adelaide Lyall


Honorable Mention – Grace Bramley-Simmons
Diplomacy – Isabel Canning


Distinguished – Payton Sullivan


Diplomacy – Annabelle Carter


Honorable Mention – Liam Keohane
Distinguished – Michael Michaelson


Honorable Mention – Henry Wassermon
Diplomacy – Acadia Weinberg

San Francisco 1945

Honorable Mention – Maddie Polkinghorn
Distinguished – Jonas Maines, Cooper Bramble


Honorable Mention – Hibo Abdi
Distinguished – Sarah Avery

Honorable Mention for MeMUNC Reporting

Ellis Heminway

Best Delegation – USA

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