Lunch with Boni

On February 4, Boni Kabongo ’14 welcomed the first of thirteen guests to “Lunch with Boni,” a speaker series running over the spring semester. These events give Upper School students the opportunity to chat with college seniors and recent college graduates about their fields of work and study.

Guest speakers discuss their goals and aspirations, and the realities of life after high school. They also provide counsel to Waynflete students on lessons learned while preparing for college and working life. Guests have included healthcare workers, politicians, consultants, and designers from organizations ranging from the Gulf of Maine Research Institute to Google, Deloitte, Oracle, and Massachusetts General Hospital.

Host Boni Kabongo graduated from Waynflete in 2014 and is currently working as one of the school’s Remote Hub mentors, providing support for student learning and growth during the pandemic. Boni attended Wheaton College, earning a BA in Business Management with a concentration in Equality, Diversity, and Corporate Social Responsibility. Since graduating, he has worked in marketing roles at Long Roofing in Massachusetts, in Hertz’s management program, and in Prudential Insurance’s Short Term Disability department. During this period, Boni has worked for Seeds of Peace and Waynflete’s Can We? Project. He has also been involved in the Civic and Community Engagement Fellowship as well as the YES! program’s North American Leadership Jam. Over the past year, Boni helped create What’s Next, a black affinity space for students.

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