LifeSmarts PSA: Your Password is Insecure

As you might know, our Waynflete LifeSmarts team has qualified national tournament for the third year in a row.   We finished 10th last year.   As part of the competition, the LifeSmarts teams were assigned to make a one minute educational video for Youtube based on one of the five LifeSmarts categories: Personal Finance, Consumer Rights and Responsibilities, Technology, Health and Safety, and the Environment. (Visit their website to learn more,

The Waynflete team chose the issue of Cybersecurity, and made a comedic PSA about creating a secure password.  Half of the score will be based on the quality of the video; the other half will be based on our capacity to market the video as measured by the number of views.  Please click away share share share with everyone you can.

On to Seattle!

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