Legendary coach Brandon Salway bids farewell to Waynflete after 34 years

After 34 years of service to Waynflete, Coach Brandon Salway is stepping down as boys soccer coach, as well as Waynflete’s assistant athletic director and physical education teacher, leaving behind a legacy filled with triumph and dedication.

During his career, Coach Salway guided the Flyers to many state championship victories, won eight Gold Balls, and earned the well-deserved title of Forecaster Coach of the Year on multiple occasions. His strategic brilliance, work ethic, and unwavering commitment to his players have consistently propelled his teams to new heights, both on the soccer field and the basketball court.

Coach Salway’s absence will be felt deeply by students, faculty, and fellow coaches alike. His mentorship and genuine passion for coaching have left an impact that will continue to shape the lives of athletes  years to come. The Waynflete community extends its heartfelt gratitude to Coach Salway for his immeasurable contributions. We wish him good health and happiness!


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