Legally Blonde the Musical in Franklin Theater on November 5-7 at7PM; The Island Dinner is postponed.

Legally Blonde is more than just a musical; it is a hero’s journey with a persistent theme of positive transformation. We could forgive Elle Woods if, swimming in a powdery puff of pink pixie-dust, she never imagined she could offer more than an emphatic “Omigod!” to the world.  Even her own father says that she’s not “serious” enough, and the messages from her peers ring equally hollow.  Elle’s conundrum is that her family and friends underestimate her to such a point that she is incapable of estimating herself.

IMG_8325In this show, she sets out on a quest to reconnect to lost love. As she tackles stereotypes, snobbery, and scandal in pursuit of her dreams she instead finds how she can love her true self. Empowerment through truth and the authority of genuine voice are the messages this show brings to us. This energetic musical fills the stage with memorable songs and dynamic dances.

The amazing ensemble is dedicated to sharing Elle’s story with an intensity that matches the show’s demanding pace.   There is nothing more I could ask for than what I’ve gotten from this cast and crew. They are fully committed, willing to take risks and to learn, and trusting in each other and the directors.


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