Community Art in K-1

Community Art is a weekly period in which visual art collaborates with the classroom curriculum. Students recently created three murals to represent their home station habitats of Forest, Marsh, and Meadow. In the classroom, students brainstormed what elements exist to create each habitat: animals, birds, plants, and aquatic creatures. During Community Art they learned to draw these elements on colorful papers. Classroom teachers cut out hundreds of images.

The murals were assembled in the art room and, one by one, were displayed in the K-1 entrance. When two murals were displayed, students learned that this was a diptych; when the final mural went up, students learned the definition of a triptych. Each piece of art stands on its own, but together they form one unified composition.

The grand finale was an art opening to view the completed piece. The final mural was revealed, teachers added finishing touches, lemonade and popcorn were served, and music was provided by Andy Happel. Students learned that an opening is an opportunity to celebrate artwork.

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