Jesse Brooks ’17 Attends Stock Market Game Awards Lunch

For his 2nd place finish in the fall session of The Stock Market Game
(SMG), Jesse Brooks was invited to the awards lunch, held on 5/31 at
USM in Portland.  Jesse’s portfolio gained over 14% during the 12 week
simulation.  First and second place awards were given for elementary,
middle, and high school divisions.

The SMG, managed by SIFMA, has been around since 1977.  Over the
course of this school year 70 schools in Maine (about 3000 students)
competed in the SMG.  Teams start with $100,000 in their virtual
account and they trade real stocks at real time prices.

Jesse, who had the chance to speak to the group, attributed his
success to some good research, and a little bit of luck.   “I bought
Weight Watcher’s on the heels of Oprah’s well publicized takeover, and
it went up, up. up!  Then I was lucky as the day I tried to sell was a
Sunday – the trade did not go through.  The stock continued to go up
after that.”

Jesse participated through the Business & Finance class, an Upper
School elective.  All of Waynflete’s 6th graders also play the SMG
through their math classes.

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