Honoring Senior Performing Artists

The Class of 2020 is chock full of talent! Twenty-four of our graduating seniors found a kind of second home in the Franklin Theater. They are actors, dancers, choreographers, composers, costume crew members, instrumental musicians, singers, stage managers, and stage crew members. Each one of these students has made a significant impact on the Performing Arts programs at Waynflete. We feel a great loss as we missed our opportunity to see these seniors in action from rehearsal to the stage and backstage during March, April, and May. Along with their families and friends, we would have loved more opportunities to acknowledge these artists with thunderous applause at numerous culminating performances from March to May.  

We hope you will take a moment to visit each Senior Spotlight to help us say “bravo and brava!” to our senior performing artists. Class of 2020, we congratulate you, we celebrate you and your accomplishments, and we thank you for giving so generously to Waynflete Performing Arts.

Eva Abbott – Chorus, Costume Crew, Danceflete Collective, Drama
Ruby Adams – Chorus, Danceflete Collective, Drama
Avis Akers – Jazz Band
Ethan Armstrong – Chamber Ensemble, Drama, Jazz Band, Jazz Combo
Sophi Aronson – Chorus, Jazz Combo
Alethia Batchelder – Drama
Henry Bukowski-Thall – Drama, Jazz Band
Niall Calvert – Jazz Combo
Kacy Corbett – Chorus, Danceflete Collective, Drama, Stage Crew
Ellis Dougherty – Jazz Band
Julia Fiori – Danceflete Collective, Drama
Xander Forsyth – Jazz Combo
Valerie Geldenhuys – Chamber Ensemble
Eliza Goodwin – Stage Crew and Poster Design
Ella Hannaford – Chorus, Danceflete Collective, Drama
Andrew Johannen – Danceflete Collective, Stage Crew
Tafari Makinen-Hall – Jazz Combo
Lilu McNiff – Danceflete Collective, Stage Crew
Waverly Moller – Drama
Morgan Peppe – Chamber Ensemble
Leo Rosenblum – Chorus, Drama
Tim Suszczynski – Chamber Ensemble, Stage Crew
Maya Turndorf – Drama
Maren Wold – Chorus, Danceflete Collective, Drama, Stage Crew

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