Exam Week Schedule

Mid-Term Exams (Monday, December 15 through Friday, December 19): Students are required to be in school during their exam periods only.  They may be on campus when they do not have exams if they choose.  Please make plans with your child regarding your expectations for where s/he should be when not taking an exam.  If your child will be absent from an exam, please follow the usual procedure for reporting an absence.

Here is the link to the December Exam Schedule.  For make-up exams or exam conflicts, students should contact Peter Hamblin at or at extension 1230.

Please note: Weather could alter the exam schedule so that rescheduled exams could run as late as 3:00 on Friday, the 19th.  Please do not plan to travel before then.    

In case even the thought of mid-term exams is casting a long shadow over your household, here are links to two ideas about how to manage stress productively.  The first is a TED talk by health psychologist Kelly McGonical entitled, How to Make Stress Your Friend.  The second is an article by Gavi King ’15, whose article,  Relax, Silly: Advice for Exam Week, which first appeared in the Waynflete Flyer last spring.  Each offers wise counsel.

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