Eternal Glory Redux!!

Waynflete’s MEST Up duo of Julianna Harwood ’15 and Stephen Epstein ’15 defeated Kennebunk High School in the MEST Up competition, capturing the tournament crown.  In case you missed it, here is a link to the championship match.  In addition to bringing the MEST Up trophy back to Waynflete, Julianna and Stephen each won new i-Pads and, according to the show’s host, “eternal glory.”

MEST Up is a television game show that tests high school students in the areas of math, engineering, science, and technology. Schools from around the area send teams of two students to compete head to head in trivia and engineering challenges. Last spring, Waynflete’s team of Ali Ghorashi ’15 and Sophie Benson ’14 won the championship, soundly defeating Cheverus in the final match.  Waynflete’s current duo ran through its tournament bracket, defeating Baxter Academy, Westbrook High School, Greely High School, and finally Kennebunk.

JH & SEScience Chair Wendy Curtis is rightly proud of her charges.  “STEM skills are important in so many fields. I love seeing that by senior year, our students can go head to head with kids from other schools and come out on top.  Stephen and Julianna did such a great job! I couldn’t be more proud of them!”  They impressed their fans in Waynflete households as well.  Heather Courtice Hart, mother of three Flyers and now dedicated MEST Up fans, remarked, “It was such a great experience to be able to sit as a family and watch my kids be just as excited about Waynflete winning a math and science competition as they are about Waynflete winning a soccer game. I’m so grateful to have such amazing role models here for my kids, and so happy that they go to school where it’s cool to be smart.”

Click here to read Sophie Benson’s story of how a simple box of munchkins got Sophie and the Waynflete Science department started on the road to eternal glory.

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